La nostra Garanzia

All of our radio codes are covered under a 7 day money back guarantee if the code fails to operate your radio. 
It is important to note, All codes supplied for these radios are 100% guaranteed original codes your car radio left the factory with, the only reason for a code to not work would be purely that it had previously been decoded, recoded, reprogrammed or repaired or that you supplied the wrong information. To be eligible for our money back guarantee, we will require you to first confirm your radio’s details so we can manually check the supplied code.
If you have paid for your radio code, sending the correct serial number (and model number if applicable) and we are unable to send you your code within 24 working hours, we will happily refund you  and send you your radio code free of charge with our apologies for the delay. (excludes Sundays and bank holidays)
If you have any queries relating to our Guarantee / Refund terms please contact us by email or telephone using the details provided on our websites contact page